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The art, and science, of architectural engineering is challenging. Different environments must constantly tinkle the engineer’s interest to provide innovative and effective contextual solutions. The engineer must make use of a comprehensive operational framework that involves architectural design, consulting, contracting, management, and supervision to implement these solutions effectively.

Arch-Consult was established with such a framework in mind to provide customers with a comprehensive approach that satisfies their needs. The approach tightens the gap between engineering and management disciplines to reduce on project risks and maximize on customer expectancy. The firm’s Management and General Contracting departments, coupled with the specialized management and engineering skill set, collaborate to guarantee high quality execution and on-time on-budget delivery.

For the past 27 years, the Arch-Consult approach has been successfully turning spaces into their owners’ visions. These include Residential, Offices, Factories, Shopping centers, and Landscaping spaces. From interior to exterior design, including lighting, HVAC, partitioning, finishing, materials, colors, and detailing, Arch-Consult helps integrate all these components into highly-competitive and effective designs and implementations.
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